These terms and conditions for shipping apply to RAC Logistics Africa website, its subsidiary and branches.

For clarity of terms used on the website.

“You” and “Your” refers to the shipper, its employees and agents. The “shipper “here is an individual or entity who delivers shipment to our warehouse or an individual or entity we place order(s) or shop on their behalf.

‘’We’’, “Our’’, ‘’us’’ refers to RAC Logistics Africa



RAC Logistics Africa reserves the right to change or modify the terms and conditions on the website at any time without prior notice, so we advise that you review our terms and conditions regularly as your continued use denotes your acceptance to modifications and your willingness to compliance on the website.

For more clarification on this terms and conditions, kindly contact us via email at hello@raclogisticsafrica.com



RAC Logistics Africa is eligible for use to person(s) from age 18years and above. A person who can legally constitute binding contracts under the Government laws of the country.

We deserve the right to terminate or refuse membership of user below age 18years.

Every intending user is required to provide or register on the website with accurate and current information and such information updated when there are any changes. Your registration on the website signifies agreement to our terms and conditions.



RAC Logistics Africa would ensure continuous uptime of the website; however we won’t be liable for any interruptions or downtime on the website due to technical reasons which may occur as a result of website modifications or improvement. We also reserve the exclusive right to shut down the website at any time without prior notice.



  • Shippers are advised to provide right tracking information and invoice of purchased order(s) from merchant or seller.
  • All shipment(s) delivered to our warehouse/facility are to be properly packaged, bubble wrapped and protected before delivery to our warehouse for safety reasons.
  • The shipper is responsible for any activity or activities that occur as a result of disclosing vital information like password linked to their bank details. We advise such information are not shared with another as those aren’t needed.
  • Shipper will not deliver items that are not acceptable for transportation by us to our warehouse, such items include: Dangerous goods, cash, traveller’s checks, original documents or certificates. We reserve the right to refuse acceptance of such items at our warehouse and we are not liable for such items if shipped in error and such items will be tendered to appropriate authorities.
  • Shipper should ensure that items considered VALUABLE are INSURED before sending them to our US facility and MUST request that the items are signed for at our US facility. Where possible the ID of the receiver should be taken.



Shipper enjoys a 5% discount on shipment of 500kg and above monthly. This would apply to his/her next shipment. You get to SHIP MORE and SAVE MORE.



  • Shipper is to comply with the stipulated shipping/freight and delivery charges of their consignment. These shipping charges are based on actual or dimensional weight whichever is greater. Dimensional weight shall be calculated based on the standard formulae for international air freight.(See pricing page to guide you)
  • All invoice not paid after 7 working days of being generated is subjected to a demurrage charge of 2% of the amount charge for the invoice weekly. This demurrage charge is the cost of warehousing and safekeeping of your package.
  • Shipment(s) not collected after 1 calendar year (365 days) would be disposed following the laid down rules and regulations of the country. We strongly advise that invoices are paid for once received to avoid this.
  • Payments are to be made using the approved payment method and the use of any fraudulent payment method is unacceptable, please be informed that we have a duty to report such act to appropriate authorities for investigation when a potential fraudulent payment is detected and we reserve the right to hold on with the shipment until authenticity of such payment is verified before it can be released to owner.
  • No illegitimate shipment(s) should be sent to our facility, you accept that all shipment sent are owned by you through legal means. Shipment(s) or goods discovered to be gotten through illegitimate means would be turned over to appropriate authorities either in the country of departure or of destination and can only be released upon a written authorization from the government agency.


We are not liable for any loss or damage or expense incurred due to failure to comply with our terms.




Membership on RAC Logistics Africa is free. There are no charges for registration on our website.

We deserve the right to introduce, change or modify our shipping/ freight and delivery rate. Charges on fees would automatically become effective once implemented.



Any unauthorized use of material, content or intellectual property of this website and misuse of our service is prohibited and unacceptable.

You shall not misuse our service or purchase banned/ illegal items using RAC Logistics Africa. Please be informed we have the right to report all suspicious illegal activities detected to the appropriate authorities.



In case of misplaced order(s) while in our Lagos warehouse/office, refund would be initiated.  A full refund of the purchased item cost stated on the invoice earlier sent would be paid. The only amount to be refunded is the actual amount stated on the original invoice presented for the misplaced item.

Refunds are made in local currency into the stipulated bank account and where the appropriate requirement for initiating a refund is fulfilled.